The beginning of the Fuelcraft line starts with responding to the needs of our customers. In an expanding partnership with Lycoming, the company that is now Hartzell Engine Technologies developed a complete line of engine-driven fuel pumps for their fuel-injected and geared engines. Fuelcraft pumps have been OEM at Lycoming ever since. Our designs provide a reliable platform that can be expanded to meet the needs of other engine developers.

We manufacture three classes of pumps, which all feature innovative design advancements from prior-generation units. Fuelcraft updated the inefficient vane designs from commonly used steel to a proprietary carbon material. The new lightweight, low-friction carbon vanes reduce wear on the pump liner, adding life to an expensive replacement part during overhaul. Vane and liner tolerances are tightly controlled in order to deliver less pressure fluctuations and stable pump performance. An integral bypass system allows the electric boost pump to supply fuel to the engine on start-up and in the rare occurrence of an in-flight problem.

Highly evolved designs, produced and tested by skilled technicians on advanced equipment, results in our unparalleled performance.